Syria photographer takes action instead of pictures, picks up injured boy

Source: http://www.cnn.com/2017/04/17/middleeast/syria-photographer-bombing-rescue-trnd/index.html

Assessment: CNN is the most widely distributed news channel internationally. In the United States, CNN reaches more viewers on television, mobile devices and the web than any other news organization. The site is updated continuously throughout the day. It  features the latest multimedia technologies. CNN relies on CNN’s global team of almost 4,000 news professional.

Summary: Abd Alkader Habak is a photographer and he was working in Syria at the time a bomb hit a group of busses and killed 126 people. He was knocked out by the blast, but that didn’t stop him from trying to help people. Habak mentioned that he decided along with his colleagues that they’d put their cameras aside and start rescuing injured people. Habak ran towards a child and picked him up and began to run towards safety. His camera was still on, recording the chaos. “This child was firmly holding my hand and looking at me,” he said. An image was taken by another photographer, Muhammad  Alrageb, and it shows Habak dashing towards an ambulance, the child and his camera in his arms.

Analysis: The article begins with a video which shows what happened in Syria. Then the author explains what happened in Syria and how there were people helping those who were wounded, and how the photographers were also helping. The article also talks about how another photographer took a picture of Habak carrying a wounded child. The article also includes pictures of the bombing and it shows the wounded people and you can see the fire in the background.

Comment: It’s sad to see that a lot of people got wounded and how many of them died. It makes me sad to see this happening in our world. I wish we lived in a world where no violence would happen, but this is the world we live in. I am glad that there are people out there who are willing to help those in need, or those who need help.



The Assignment: Bi-weekly—on even weeks—you will post 1 blog post consisting of at least 300 words (75 assessment of news source, 75 summary, 100 analysis, 50 opinion). There is a lot going on in our world, 1drmotand it is important to be informed; however, we often only read news from a certain kind of source, which often skews our perspectives. With this in mind, you will only select sources on key issues every other week. Each blog will be due on the first day of class that week, and we will discuss them in class and digitally that week. Each article must be current, and you must be able to account for its validity as a new source. You must be able to identify the leanings of the news source, who funds it, and why that bias matters. True story: NO NEWS IS COMPLETELY OBJECTIVE. Fact check if you are not sure. Fake news is a huge societal problem, and identifying it is the first step to ending its circulation.  Think about what is important about an article and assess it. Approach your analysis of the news source and the article through the engagement of ethos, pathos, and logos as well as interrogating logical fallacies.

The Purpose: The current atmosphere of our society politically, and otherwise, has called into question the validity of news and the problematic circulation of false information, logical fallacies, and scare tactics that force journalists into situations that make us, as readers, question their choices. What is news? What is ignored? Why is it ignored? Who says? What do we fixate on? What matters locally, nationally, globally? How has social media affected these things? Who is the authority? Why are we so quick to believe what we read on the internet?  The circulation of false information is a huge problem; therefore, cultivating a critical eye for reading news and understanding the effects of positionality is incredibly important. Developing these awarenesses enable you to be a better contributor to society while also reinforcing the value of some of our constitutional rights and freedoms (particularly freedom of speech and the press).

Article Selection: The range of articles will help you become informed on topics that are affecting the US and the world. While you have free reign on article selection, please select articles that come from “news based” sources (BBC, NPR, NY Times, Washington Post, USA Today, CNN, Fox, NBC, etc.) as opposed to entertainment (E! Huffington Post (sometimes), tabloids, popular magazine—sports illustrated, cosmo, vogue, etc. espn.com). You can access many news based sources through their websites.

Mike Pence gives a tough talk to North Korea

News Source AssessmentThe New York Times is a daily American newspaper, it was founded in New York City on September 18, 1851, was created by The New York Times Company, and has won 117 Pulitzer Prizes, The New Work Times has received these awards more times than any other news source out there in the country. The New York Times seems like a very creditable source that has been awarded for its hard work.

Summary: United States Vice President Mike Pence issued a warning on Monday to North Korea, saying that North Korea should not test the resolve of the American people. Behind the scenes of the tough talk United States Vice President Mike Pence had said to North Korea, United States officials at the White House were taking a more calculated approach trying to give time to Chinese government for response they want to give. Although United States Vice President Mike Pence had given that message to North Korea, President Trump would not draw any red lines with North Korea.

Analysis: The article is very well written and displays the message they want to convery very well. The inclusion of the photograph of North Korea leader Kim Jung-Un is also a very good detail, as i helps to create a better mental image about the information. The article conveys the information very well and the implementation of the quotes said by United States Vice President Mark Pence helps make the article much more credible. The implementation of what was going on in the White House during this “tough talk” given to North Korea shows how tense the situation is becoming between the United States and North Korea.

Opinion:  I think events such as this are very tragic and it is very important people are informed of what had happened during and after the event, so that proper actions may be taken, and so people are aware of possible similar signs that could be seen to prevent an event such as this.

Mysterious message appears on missing man’s social media profile


A woman’s son did not return home after going to the park. She claimed he was missing when he didn’t return home the night he took the train to the park. A couple days later on the boys social media was a post that said “The person dead”

Comment: I think we should start to watch our kids more often kids are being abducted as we let them do things on there own at such a young age this is becoming this needs to be fixed.

Exxon Mobil denied permission to resume Russian oil work

Read article here

Summary: Trump administration upholding sanctions against Russia. Exxon Mobil will not be allowed to resume drilling. These sanctions were put in place by the U.S. and E.U. in 2014 for Russia’s role in the conflict of eastern Ukraine.

Analysis: Quick and short article. It is informative, using another news site as reference, but it’s so brief. If this article included more details on either the current situation or on the history that caused these sanctions, it might be better.

Opinion: I’m surprised the Trump administration upheld the sanctions considering Rex Tillerson’s connections to Exxon. I’m glad that Exxon didn’t receive special treatment in this incident.

Mariachi band crashes Senator’s Private Luncheon


By: Delaney Strunk

April 20, 2017

The source that was used for this article was CNN. CNN is Cable News Network, it is a satellite and cable television news. This network televises and delivers news 24 hours. It is known for its liberal stance on their delivery and approach on information regarding events. The network focuses not just on National news but also on international current events throughout the globe.

A Mariachi Band as Senator Cory Gardner began his luncheon where only members of the Chamber of Commerce of Colorado Springs were invited. Following the Mariachi Band a few other handful of protesters came along making a statement in the senators luncheon. All this to support and open public forum with constituents that have been requesting this for months and to support Latino Community.

The delivery of this information was brief, it was not full in detail particularly behind the story as to why the protest occurred. It only gives a certain amount of information as to why the protest happened and the amount of people that showed at the protest. The article would have done better by describing more the reasons as to why the Senator of Colorado Cory Gardener has refused to provide public forums for constituents. It would have added more attention and interest as to why this Mariachi Band attended and performed as well as the reason to the song that was selected and played throughout the beginning of the luncheon.

The way constituents decided to protest against Senator Cory Gardner, I think was definitely a way to capture his attention in regards to an open public forum. I’m sure it made an impact not just to him but also to those who were present in the Senator’s luncheon. It is clear here that the ones involved as well in this is the voice of the Latino community.

What life was like for a medieval leper CE Blog 7


Analysis: This article is about how people in the medieval times did not have the cure for leprosy and the way the middle age people lived. Leprosy is a contagious disease that affects the skin, mucous membranes, and nerves, causing discoloration and lumps on the skin and, in severe cases, disfigurement and deformities. This kind of disease is not common today but it was very dangerous in the middle ages. Diagnose rate was very high during this time and hospital had no room for people.

Summary: The article states that about 85% of the skeletons found in the cemetery had leprosy and Leprosy was in that time a very dangerous disease. Most of the people with this disease were treated as outcast and were not medically treated. Not all people were buried together in the same cemetery.  But as for the body named SK27 he was one of the few that was buried with other people and they did not leave him as an outcast.

Opinion:  I think this article was very interesting because we now have technology and doctors that will cure us and make us better. The information is credible and realistic because we know now that we have the right equipment and medication.

First Woman to Officially run Boston Marathon Makes Triumphant Return

Summary: This article is about a woman named Katherine Switzer who ran in the Boston Marathon in 1967. She was the first woman to ever run a marathon and made history. 50 years later she runs the Boston Marathon once again and has the same number she had when she ran the 1967 marathon. This article talked about how she was being pushed and pulled by men because she was running in a marathon that was only suitable for men.

Analysis: Katherine is the first women to run in a marathon that was only suitable for men at the time. nobody knew she was a women running the race until halfway through the race they found out she was a women and two men began to push and yell at her saying to get off track and that this race was not made for women like her.

Opinion: I believe that what Katherine did was very brave and very ambitious. She wanted to make a difference in the world and change the thoughts of everyone. I believe she is someone we should look up to and even though it wasn’t something so big that she did, it is still important and she stood up for what she believed in. Katherine Switzer was not ashamed of being a women; she believed there was more to a women than just cleaning and being housewives. I believe that she is a true inspiration for all of us women.

Venezuela seizes General Motors plant as country’s crisis escalates


Assessment:  USA Today is multi-platform new and information company. This article was written by USA Today reporter, Kim Hjelmgaard and Nathan Bomey. This article was published at 6:12 a.m. ET April 20, 2017. Its explains how Trump says Obama behind the protest.

Analysis/Summary: Venezuelan authorities suddenly seized the General Motors plant there, the company confirmed late Wednesday. The political turmoil tends to get worse in Venezuela. People began to protest and were killed because they want a free presidential election. The current president of Venezuela has put the other political opposition in jail so he can run unopposed. The country’s has high crime and high inflation rates and just isn’t in a good state right now. The president wanted American company out of the country even though is creating revenue for the country. The president is anti-American but he has lessen his tension with us since Trump took office. The trouble some economy of Venezuela has dragged down the auto industry for years.  The president has seized assets from American companies for years.

Opinion: It my mind it seems like America is outsourcing manufacturing to other countries and that’s good for those countries but when they deny our economic help. That hurt us and also their economy especially when those economies that are already weak. This effect American merchandise and consumerism raising the price for other things. Someone need to fix the whole problem in Venezuela.  That country has been corrupt for too long and the people need to start a revolution that is successful.